Earn points and redeem them for fabulous gifts through TPBank's customer loyalty programme. Customers of certain TPBank products are automatically signed up for our rewards benefits.

Customers with deposit accounts of a 1 month term or higher or who hold a TPBank Visa card are automatically signed up
Hassle-free points
Points are automatically added after qualifying transactions are completed.
Easy tracking
See your points accumulate through our eBank, hotline, or transaction counters.
Easy to redeem points: Select your gift through our eBank, hotline, or transaction counters. Pick up your gift at the counter of your choice nationwide.
Choose from one of the many exciting gifts in our catalogue, including Vietnam Airlines flights

Not only can you take advantage of the excellent savings and services offered by TPBank, but you can be rewarded for your financial responsibility with gifts from us too.

These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Customer Rewards
How do I can sign up for the loyalty programme?

You don't have to sign up. If you have a deposit account with a term of 1 month or more, or if you hold any TPBank Visa card, you will automatically be signed up.

How are my reward points accumulated in the system?

Reward points are added automatically after a transaction with applicable TPBank products.

How can I redeem points for gifts?

There are many ways you can redeem gifts such as via eBank, the TPBank hotline and TPBank transaction counters.

When and where do I to go to get my gift?

After no more than 7 days you can visit a TPBank transaction counter to accept the gift.

I redeemed points for a gift but didn’t show up on the appointed date. Does my redemption expire?

You have 3 months from the date you redeemed your points to pick the gift up. After that, it will automatically expire.

I redeemed points for a gift, but on the appointed date to pick it up, can I get another gift of equal value?

No. You have to accept the gift that you selected.

Can I redeem my points for cash?

No. You can only use your reward points for the gifts on offer by TPBank.

I want to redeem my points with Vietnam Airlines. What are the steps I need to follow?

You need a Vietnam Airlines member code. You can register for one on Vietnam Airlines’ website or by contacting their sales or customer service staff.

I redeemed points for a gift, but it didn’t show up. Will my points be returned?

No. Points redeemed for gift are not refundable in any situation.

How are my points calculated?

Points are earned when you use TPBank’s services. Customers depositing into TPBank’s Gold Tier and Platinum Tier accounts earn at a higher rate than other customers. For more information on earning points, please contact your nearest TPBank branch.

To which type of customer is Loyalty program applied?

Applied to all customers who are using products/services in the applied product list of the program regulated by TPBank

Which products/services are applied for Loyalty program?

List of applied products and services are deposit account with term of 1 month and above, and transactions from TPBank VISA card.