Members of MobiFone's “Ket noi dai lau” programme at the Titan level or above can double their benefits by applying for a MobiFone – TPBank Visa Platinum card. Earn points for free call minutes or Vietnam Airlines air miles, along with all the perks of a TPBank Visa platinum card.

Take advantage of incentives from TPBank's Visa platinum credit card and Mobifone's “Ket noi dai lau” programme
We offer some of the lowest rates and fees compared to other banks
The first year has no annual fee and will continue not to have an annual fee if you spend 60,000,000 VND or more each year
Pay no interest until 45 days after date of purchase
Minimum payment for each monthly statement is only 5% of the total
Cash advances available with some of the lowest fees available
Use your card at millions of locations worldwide: in Vietnam, in foreign countries, and for online purchases
Get cash back, earn points for free call minutes (to use or apply to your phone bill), air miles, special discounts, and other incentives, and get up to 5% cash back on your monthly statement, plus 10% cash back on certain when you use your card
Platinum card holders will also be entitled to their own shopping specials, discounts at top golf courses across Vietnam, up to 10.5 billion VND in global travel insurance, and global support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
You can use your TPBank credit card safely, knowing that it is secured with EMV chip card technology

In addition to TPBank's low rates and fees and reward points, co-branded card holders can get global travel insurance, 24/7 worldwide customer support, and even more special discounts including at some of Vietnam's top golf courses.


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These are some of the commons questions we get asked about MobiFone – TPBank Visa Platinum Credit Card
Do I need to be an existing TP Bank customer?

No, but  you do need to be at Titan level or above in MobiFone's “Ket noi dai lau” programme. We would also be happy to open an account for you when apply for a credit card.

To apply for this credit card you need to provide:

  • National ID card or Passport.
  • Proof of address such as a family register or KT3 or Temporary Resident Permit.
  • Proof of employment.
  • Salary statements for the last 3 months.
  • A valid “Ket noi dai lau” membership card.
Which “Ket noi dai lau” members can apply for MobiFone – TPBank Visa Platinum card?

MobiFone – TPBank Visa Platinum cards are available to MobiFone‘s “Ket noi dai lau” programme members at the Titan level or higher.

How long before a ”Ket noi dai lau” co-branded card expires?

A local debit card is good for 9 years; an international credit card will expire after 3 years.

How are “Ket noi dai lau” reward points calculated?
  • For debit cards: each 35,000 VND spent = 1 KNDL point.
  • For credit cards: each 15,000 VND spent = 1 KNDL point.
What fees do I have to pay for this credit card?

There is no fee to be issued a card.

There is a 990 VND annual fee for a primary card; this is waived for the first year and will continue to not be charged if you spend 60,000,000 VND before the next year's fees are due.

There is a 440 VND annual fee for every secondary card.

What fees do I have to pay for using this credit card?

You will find that TPBank's rates and fees for this credit card are among the lowest around:

  • 15% per year for purchases.
  • 1% for each transaction in a foreign currency.
  • 2% for each cash advance.
Will I be charged interest immediately for my purchases?

No. Your credit card transactions will not be charged interest until after 45 days from the date of the transaction.

Are there any special programmes or incentives with this credit card?

Yes, with this TPBank credit card, you can enjoy:

  • Earning “Ket noi dai lau” reward points for free call minutes with MobiFone.
  • Up to 10.5 billion VND in global travel insurance for you and your family.
  • Global support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Discounts at top golf courses across Vietnam
  • Earning up to 5% cash back on each monthly statement.
  • Earning 10% cash back on food purchases on weekends, up to 500,000 VND per month.
  • Accumulating reward points for every 5,000 VND charged for Vietnam Airlines' air miles and other gifts.
  • Special card holder discounts for certain purchases.
Which banks’ ATMs accept TPBank’s cards?

TPBank's ATM cards can be used without additional fees at all TPBank ATMs and at any ATMs in the Smartlink, Banknetvn, and VNBC networks.

What is the difference between a primary card holder and supplementary card holder?

A primary card holder is the person who subscribes for a card issuance. A supplementary card holder is a person to whom the card is issued upon the request and with a payment guarantee by the primary card holder.

The primary and supplementary card holders share a card account whose limit is granted to the primary card holder by the Bank.

Only the primary card holder has the right to set, check, and change the supplementary card holder's limit. The Bank holds no responsibility for any conflict between the primary and supplementary card holders.

What do I do if there is a problem with my card?

In case there is a problem with your card, please go to any TPBank transaction office to inform us or call our hotline (04) 07 683 683 - 1800 58 58 85 (free) or mail us at: Card and Electronic Information Center – TPBank, 4th Floor, TTC Building, Duy Tan Str., Pham Hung Rd., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, or email us at Card@tpb.com.vn .

What should I do if there is a fault in my ATM transaction?

When you notice a fault in an ATM transaction, such as a discrepancy between the amount withdrawn and the amount deducted, please go to the nearest TPBank transaction office and fill in a Customer Dispute Form, which will need information including card information, location of the transaction, the problem during transaction, amount transacted, and date of transaction.

*Note: Transaction receipts should always be kept in case of dispute.

My card is locked in the machine. What should I do?

To protect a card holder, an ATM will lock the card in the following cases:

  • The card is listed as having a problem.
  • An incorrect PIN is entered over 3 times.
  • The card is not taken 30 seconds after the ATM releases it.

If an ATM locks your card in, please go to any TPBank transaction office or call the hotline (04) 07 683 683 – 1800 58 58 85 (free) to be guided on how to get your card back at an appointed transaction office. It normally takes 24 working hours to retrieve a card. Please bring your ID card when you come to collect.

What should I do if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, please contact TPBank to request a new PIN.

If I lose my card, what should I do? Will I lose my money then?

As soon as you notice that your card is lost, please call the hotline (04) 37 683 683 - 1800 58 58 58 and provide the information required including:

  • Name of card holder
  • ID number
  • Address

The bank staff will lock access to your card immediately after receiving your information and will take the right action. After that, please go to any TPBank transaction office to complete the procedure.

The money in your card account should be safe because to use the card, there are 2 requirements: the card and the PIN. So, your money is secure as long as the person who has the card does not know your PIN. This is why it is important to contact us immediately.

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