If you have limited funds and are unsure about your financial needs in the future, but still want to earn a high interest rate, we offer TPBank's flexible 12-month savings account. Take advantage of our high interest rates while having the flexibility to withdraw funds when you need them and to close the account early without penalties.

You can take advantage of this account with a minimum of 1,000,000 VND
We offer some of the highest interest rates compared to other banks
Lock your money away for 12 months to earn high interest yet still have the option to withdraw funds or close the account early
Your TPBank savings account is backed by depository insurance
Access your cash at the amount you need, when you need it and receive a 1% non-term interest rate on any early withdrawals, while the remaining funds continue to earn the same high interest rate until the end of the 12 month term
Your TPBank savings account can be used as financial verification for travel, whether it is for business, pleasure, or education or for loan or credit applications
At the term's end, you can have the principal and interest transferred to your current account or paid to you in cash. You can also renew to continue saving or convert to another of our many accounts with flexible terms and attractive interest rates
If you need to close your savings account before its term, you will receive your remaining principal back in full along with interest at the non-term rate of 1%, which is higher than other banks, for the period the account was opened
We offer flexible closing options which can be done at any TPBank branch or transaction office across the country

With a TPBank flexible 12-month savings account, you can save for the future but still have access to your money in case you need it immediately. Because the term is fixed, you can schedule your finances better, but you still have the option to close your account early if necessary.


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Fees & Charges
For the full list of all our current interest rates and other fees and charges, please download our latest fees and charges leaflet
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Savings with 12 months Flexible
Can I open this type of account in USD?

No, you can only open a flexible 12-month savings account in VND. Please contact us to discuss other options available in other currencies.

Can I withdraw money without my savings book?

No, you need your savings book to withdraw from the principal in your account.

Do I need to go to the branch where I opened my account to make a withdrawal?

No, you can make withdrawals at any TPBank branch or transaction office.

Do I need to be an existing TPBank customer?

No, all you need to open a savings account with us is:

  • National ID card or Passport
  • A card giving proof of your signature (such as a card from another bank), for those without an existing TPBank account
  • A minimum deposit of 1,000,000 VND

While you are opening your TPBank savings account, we would be happy to discuss any other TPBank products that might interest you.


I want to apply for a mortgage, can having this account help?

Yes, a TPBank savings account will help establish your creditworthiness. You can also use this account as financial verification for any travel planning.

I lost my savings book. What do I do?

If you can't get to a TPBank transaction location immediately, call our hotline to block unauthorised access to your savings account. Then go to any TPBank transaction location in the country and fill out a lost savings book report.

I need to close my account before the end of its term. Will I have to pay a penalty?

No. We understand that these things happen. We will pay you back the remaining principal as well as interest at the non-term rate of 1% for the actual length of the deposit.

Can I close my savings account at another branch instead of where I opened it?

Yes, customers can close their savings account at any TPBank branch or transaction office nationwide.

Which savings products can I choose at the counter?

You can choose between these savings products: Regular Term Savings - Interest paid at Beginning of Term, periodically, at Maturity; Savings - Daily Term; Savings with Flexible Withdrawal of Principal; Saving with 12 months Flexible; Saving Foreign Currency with no Term

What do I need to do to open a saving account at the counter?

You only need to visit any TPBank branch to open a saving account at the counter.

If you are new TPBank customer:
- You will need to provide these documents to the teller: legal National ID/Passport or equivalent ID documents and fill in TPBank Signature card. After that, follow teller's guidance.

If you are existing TPBank customer:
- You only need to show your legal National ID/Passport or equivalent ID documents and follow teller's guidance.

Can I get passbook's final settlement at diferent branch of deposit?

Yes, you can get passbook's final settlement at any TPBank's branch

What is the minimum amount of this product?

The minimum amount is 1.000.000 VND.

If I forget to get passbook's final settlement, how will TPBank process with my saving?

Base on your final settlement plan chosen when opening passbook, TPBank will rollover your saivng or transfer the principal and interest to your current account or your interest account.

Get Started
Open an Account Online
It only takes a few minutes to get a new account setup online.
Verify your ID
Drop in to any TPBank branch or let us know where and we’ll come to see you to complete the ID verification process.
Start Earning Interest
Start earning interest on your Term Savings deposits and make your money work for you.
What do I need to open a TPBank Savings Account?
You must be a Vietnamese national or resident
You must be 18 years or older (or you’ll need a parent or legal guardian to authorize the account before you can use it)
You must have a Vietnamese mobile number
You must have an email address
You must have a legal identification document
You will need a linked TPBank Current Account into which you deposit or transfer your funds (don’t worry, we’ll help you set up your linked account online)
Already have a TPBank Current Account?
Great! No need to fill in the online form.
You can head down to your nearest branch and we’ll help you get your account opened in no time.