TPBank supports small individual and family businesses by offering competitive business loans to those who want to increase their working capital, invest in new premises or equipment, or expand their business.

Get a generous credit limit of up to 85% of the value of the asset you choose to secure your loan
We offer some of the lowest rates compared to other banks
Choose to secure your loan against a home or land owned by you or your relative
Enjoy the certainty of knowing that the interest on your loan will be reassessed every 3 months
Get a one-time disbursement or regular instalments, according to your payment plan
Choose to pay your principal in monthly or quarterly instalments. Or, if you select to receive your disbursement in instalments, pay the principal at the end of each promissory note issued for each instalment. Interest is paid monthly
All citizens and legal residents over the age of 18 are welcome to apply

A TPBank business loan provides offers flexibility at low rates, giving you, the small business owner, the flexibility and convenience to expand and invest in your future according to your needs.

Fees & Charges
For the full list of all our current interest rates and other fees and charges, please download our latest fees and charges leaflet
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Business Loan
My shop doesn’t have Certificate of business license, can I apply for a loan to increase capital?

If your shop has been operating for over 01 year, have stable income and other requirements met, TPBank can still authorize the loan for a shop without Certificate of business license

I want to borrow 01 billion VND to rent land for factory, what is the maximum term?

Maximum term with fixed assets investment is 60 months.

My restaurant business has been operating well for 5 years. Now I want to borrow 700 million VND to open another restaurant, what is the required documents?

You need to provide these documents:

1.Personal documents: National ID/Passport, Family register, Certificate of marriage...

2.Documents of collaterals: certificate of land use rights

3.Documents evidencing the income of the business household: certificate of business license, ledger or receipts of nearest 3 months, contract with partner,…

My shop has been operating for 2 years. Now I want to apply for a loan to expand business, what are the loan methods?

Our bank has many loan methods for you to choose:

- Instalments: one time disbursement, instalments of capital  and  interest.

- By limit: disbursed many times, a promissory note is created each time.

- Overdraft: you can overdraft your current account within issued limit.

For more information, please visit TPBank’s branches to be consulted.

I’m doing furniture business, and want to borrow money to invest in my shop, can I use my brother’s Certificate of Land Use Rights as collateral?

If your business meets requirements of Evaluation, you can use your brother’s real estate as collateral.

Home business is being operated by me but my father's name is still on Certificate of Business License as owner, can I apply for this loan product?

No. If you want to apply for Business Loan, you need to register as a owner on Certificate of Business License.

I want to apply for a loan in order to expand my Food Home business. Can I pledge the car which I own?

No. With the purpose of increasing capital for business, you will need collateral as real estate or Passbook/Valuable paper. In this case, you can apply for Secured Overdraft product.

I have been doing shoes business for 5 years without Certificate of Business License. Will TPBank fund my business with the purpose of increasing capital?

Yes. You can borrow 500 million VND maximum if you don't have Certificate of Business License. If you want to borrow over 500 million VND, you will need to apply for Certificate of Business License.

I am living in Hanoi but doing hotel business in Hoa Binh. Can I apply for a loan to expand my business?

No. The condition of Business loan for increasing capital purpose is that your business must operate in the area where TPBank has branch.

Me and my wife have income from salary of 40 million VND/month. I want to borrow 400 million VND to open a household goods shop. Can TPBank fulfil my request?

In this case, TPBank can not approve your loan application because Business loan product requires operating period of 6 months minimum. You can apply for Secured Overdraft product.

My collateral is Certificate of Land Use Right registered under the name of another person, what procedures do I have to complete?

The Endorser in this case must conduct the endorsement procedure for you by submitting endorsement form and a copy of Endorser’s ID to the Bank.

In case I use my house as collateral, do I have to purchase fire insurance policy for my house?

Yes, the fire insurance does not only insure the Bank’s mortgage but also insures your own benefit.

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