Capital Account is a demand account maintaining at TPBank for the purposes of managing and using investment fund of investor or by request of competent office in Vietnam. There are two kinds of following Capital Account: Direct Capital Account and Indirect Capital Account.

To meet requirement(s) of competent office in Vietnam or of investor
Account transactions are capital transactions or overseas loan and repayment transactions
Easy account opening procedure
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Capital Account
How can Capital Account get interest?

Capital Account is a non-interest rate current account.

What is the benefit for opening Capital Account at TPBank?

Besides convenient and fast capital transactions, TPBank’s officer will provide consultancy on transfer investment fund and profit back to investor, especially for foreign investment in Vietnam.

Get Started
Online Registration
It takes a few minutes for registration of account opening
Submission of Account Opening Documents
The Bank officer shall contact customer to receive required documents of account opening at the earliest.
Start of Use of Account
After submission of required document completely, customer account shall be created and account transactions can be performed afterward.
Customer shall submit following required documents before using account services:
Application for Opening Corporate Account (TPBank’s form)
Certificate of Business Registration / Certificate of Investment
Certificate of Registered Company Stamp (Seal)
Certificate of Company Tax Code Registration
Identification document of Account Holder (ID / Passport, etc), and Authorization Letter (if any)
Letter of Appointment of Chief Accountant / accounting staff and identification document (ID / Passport, etc)
Other documents, if any.