Loan and finance

This is a credit facility provided by TPBank to customer for following purposes: purchasing of company car, purchasing of truck for conveyance of goods or purchasing of truck for the provision of transportation services.

This is a VND short-term loan provided by TPBank to customer for supplementing working capital with lower lending interest rate than normal VND lending.

Thus, lending interest rate = USD Lending interest rate + supplemental interest rate (supplemental interest rate is defined by discrepancy in USD/VND exchange rate between date of drawdown and date of loan repayment)

This is a package of credit facility of TPBank, includes bank guarantee, import L/C, loan, payment services, foreign exchange during execution progress of project investment and implementation of customer. 

This is a kind of credit facility that TPBank has accepted to provide a particular maximum amount of credit facility to customer, provided that drawdown period is up to 12 months, for supplementing working capital of customer in business activities.