This is a kind of credit facility that TPBank has accepted to provide a particular maximum amount of credit facility to customer, provided that drawdown period is up to 12 months, for supplementing working capital of customer in business activities.

Diversification and flexible collateral
High lending ratio
Simplified loan request and drawdown documents
Competitive lending interest rate
Customer can perform loan drawdown several times during validity period of credit line provided that total outstanding loan amount is up to credit line limit.
Customer can use following credit facilities of approved credit line: bank guarantee, L/C, loan provided that total outstanding balance of all such credit facilities are up to credit line limit
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Credit Line
What kind of customer can be object of this lending product?

Every enterprise can use credit line provided by TPBank if they meet requirements of TPBank’s regulations on lending to corporate customer

What is the validity period of a credit line?

Maximum validity period is 12 months.

What is the applicable currency of this lending product?

VND and foreign currency.

In case of lending in foreign currency, customer must obey legal regulations on lending in foreign currency, foreign exchange of Vietnam and regulations of TPBank.

Get Started
Online Registration
It takes a few minutes for filling in loan request application
Submission of Required Documents
TPBank officer shall contact customer to collect all required documents
Loan Approval and Drawdown
TPBank shall quickly handle loan request of customer after receiving all required documents.
Term of Use
Every enterprises or organization having both registration and business areas in Vietnam.
Customer meets the terms and conditions of TPBank on lending to corporate customer.
Credit Line of customer has been approved by TPBank.