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How can I make bank transfer if I don’t know any transaction office?

If you want to make a bank transfer but not know any transaction office nearby, there are two options: - Search for the information about the nearest transaction office on TPBank’s website /lien-he/ or call Customer Service Center. Then you can come to the transaction office to make a bank transfer - Make a bank transfer directly via TPBank’s Internet Banking (https://ebank.tpb.vn/) or Mobile Banking

What is Customer Service Center? How does it operate in TPBank?

TPBank’s Customer Service Center is a service that answers enquiries and provides solutions for customers in each particular case, as well as handles emergencies including stolen cards, lost accounts... With TPBank, you can contact the Customer Service Center via telephone, email, live chat or make an appointment for a transaction with the Bank in person.

For details, log on to /lien-he/ For support, contact our 24/7 hotline: 1800 58 58 85 | (84 4) 37 683 683

To save time, can I fax the required documents instead of coming to the bank?

Documents sent by fax can be accepted on a case-by-case basis. However, documents sent by fax cannot replace or be accepted in case of important documents required for transactions such as ID card/passport, property ownership certificate...

Account Operations
How do I know if my account has been activated after registration?

Normally, as soon as the account opening procedure has been completed, your account is immediately activated. In case your account is not activated after the process, contact the Bank for support.

Is my bank account secured and safe?

With the application of the latest and most secured technology, your account is always protected and secured at TPBank.

Can I open a foreign currency account at TPBank?

Currently at TPBank, beside VND accounts, you can open USD accounts with the minimum deposit of $10.

How do I close my account at TPBank?

To close your account at TPBank, go to any transaction office of the bank to complete the process. After the process, you will receive the entire deposit in your account or transfer it to another account at TPBank (free of charge), or transfer it to an account at another bank (fees applied).

How do I change the name of account holder at TPBank?

Currently, changing the name of account holder (also ID card/passport number) is not applicable at TPBank.

Making an appointment
How do I make an appointment at a transaction office of TPBank?

To make an appointment at a transaction office of TPBank, there are two options: - Contact the Customer Service Center, or the receptionist at the bank’s transaction office. - Make an appointment online at /vn/lien-he/

How do I know if my appointment has been confirmed?

If you make an online appointment via TPBank’s website, the information will be processed and the staff at TPBank will check and arrange the appointment. Your appointment has been confirmed when a text message or email is sent to you for reconfirmation.

What should I do if I have to cancel an appointment?

To cancel an appointment with TPBank, contact Customer Service Center or the receptionist at the transaction office where you made the appointment.

Live Chat
What is Live chat?

Live chat is an online support tool that TPBank directly provides to customers via Internet at /vn/lien-he/ With this tool, after you have provided your name and email address, your questions will be answered promptly in the online Q&A window.

Is the information I provide on Live chat secured and kept confidential?

TPBank commits to keep the information you provide on Live Chat confidential. The information is only disclosed to a third party as required by the competent authorities and according to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. TPBank uses the information provided by customers only to support, consult and provide guidance on its products and services.

I have clicked on the Live Chat icon but there’s no connection?

In case the system fails to automatically connect Live chat with a consultant, there may be a technical error to the website or Internet connection. In case of emergency, contact our 24/7 hotline 1800 58 58 85 | (84 4)37 683 683.

What kind of documents do I need for a bank transaction?

For a transaction at TPBank, a valid ID card/passport is required, and depending on each type of transaction, other relevant documents.

How do I prove the authenticity of my documents?

To prove the authenticity of your documents, during transactions at TPBank, you can submit documents in the form of notarized copies, or copies attached with the original documents so that the bank tellers can check their authenticity.

Does TPBank accept photocopied documents?

Photocopied documents are accepted for transactions at TPBank provided that customers show the original documents to the bank tellers for authentication.