Questions About E-Bank

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Service overview
What is Electronic Banking Services of TPBank?

TPBank eBank is the product of TPBank electronic banking, providing online services which help clients perform banking transactions and e-commerce transactions and bills payment via electronic banking channels provided by TPBank.

On which channels can customers make transactions?

Customers can make online transactions with TPBank through 2 channels:

  • Internet Banking: customers use computers with Internet connection to access the transaction path https://ebank.tpb.vn
  • Mobile Banking: Customers use mobile phones which have connection to the Internet through GPRS/3G/Wi-Fi to perform transactions on one of 2 versions of TPBank Mobile Banking, which are:
  1. Mobile Application: customers download and install the application “TPB Mobile” on cellphones.
  2. Mobile Wap: customers access the website https://ebank.tpb.vn from a web browser of cellphone.
Benefits brought by the services for customers?
  • Perform banking transactions for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, every time and everywhere.
  • Save time, money and enjoy preferential rates and fees compared to transactions at the counter.
  • Exactly manage your finance information and invest your money effectively.
  • Operate safely and reliably and simply, it’s easy to use and easy to manage.
Service registration
Who can register for the service?
  • Individuals who are over 18 years old and have full capacity for civil acts.
  • Individuals who have email address and cellphones.
Can I ask someone to register eBanking service in my name?

It is absolutely impossible. Please register directly with TPBank to ensure the security of your account information.

Where to register?
  • Customers can register at the nearest Branches/ front offices of TPBank. The specific address here
  • Customer can also register online at http://applynow.tpb.vn
How to register?
  • Please bring ID card/ valid Passport to the nearest branches/front offices to get detailed instructions. Customers can also fill out information in registration form here before bringing it to TPBank.
  • Another way to register is following the steps on the registration age to register online at http://applynow.tpb.vn
What must I have to use eBanking service?
  • Internet access devices (computer, cellphone, tablet, etc.)
  • Login Account and password provided by TPBank after registering for services.
  • One-time password providing device (customer’s cellphone, or devices provided by TPBank).
If I have several accounts at TPBank, do I have to register e-banking service for each of them?

No, you don’t. You only need to register for e-banking services one time to track and manage all your accounts in TPBank.

After registration, how to start using service?

After registration, customers use the login account and password provided by the TPBank to log in the browser on computer or application on cellphone to start using service.

Is eBank of TPBank still available abroad?

Yes. Customers can use the service of TPBank’s eBank wherever Internet is available. In case you go abroad, Token authenticating method is recommended.

What should I do if I forgot my login account and password?

You can select one of the following ways to get your login account and password again:

  • Get assistance at the nearest TPBank’s Branches/ front offices (You have to bring your ID card/ passport)
  • Contact with our customer service center, Hotline: 04 37 683 683 or 1800 58 58 85
What should I do if I haven’t yet received password after registration?

You can select one of the following methods:

  • Get assistance at the nearest TPBank’s Branches/ front offices (You have to bring your ID card/ passport)
  • Contact with our customer service center, Hotline: 04 37 683 683 or 1800 58 58 85
  • Send mail from your registered email to our customer service center, email: dichvu_khachhang@tpb.com.vn. In your email, please provide your personal information including login name , full name , date of birth , ID number , date and place of issue ; addresses.
What do I have to do in the first login?

Please change your password at the first time you log-in in order to that your account and finance information are safe and secured

Can I have more than 1 login account?

No, you can not. Every TPBank customer have only 1 login account.

How does TPBank ensure the safety and security of eBanking service?
  • In addition to providing static security layers, including account login and password, we work with the leading security technology company which provides multiple authentication methods for customers to select from.
  • We set the limit for a transaction and for one day corresponding to each authentication method that you use.
  • We offer some suggestions on how to set up a secured password and warnings about the safety level of the password you set up so you can set up a highly secured password.
  • We always remind you of the password change at the periodically deadline to avoid exposing your password which is used too long.
  • The system will automatically log out when you stop using the service after 2 minutes to ensure that your account can not be exposed
  • Token is recommended to customers often dealing with great values. Every transaction with great value is performed, a free password authentication will be sent to customer’s cell phone to verify that transactions are carried out by the customer.
What do I need to make my eBanking transactions safe?

To secure your ebank, please:

  • Never share your password to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
  • Not choose weak passwords such as your name, date of birth , phone number and something like that.
  • Not save login account and password in the auto- save featured software.
  • Carefully preserve and keep your Token –key or matrix card or OTP receiving phone or Soft Token installed device. If your OTP device is stolen or lost, you must immediately contact with TPBank to inform and ask for a new OTP received device.
  • You should not leave the computer/access device or let someone use these devices until you log out. You are responsible for logging out after each time logging-in and using e-banking services.
  • When detecting or suspecting unauthorized access or someone else know your password please infrom us as soon as possible through our Hotline : 37,683,683 04 or 1800 58 58 85
What is OTP? When do I have to use it?

OTP (One Time Password) is the password used only once, is the security layer generated from the TPBank authentication method and used in payment transactions or transfer transactions to someone’s account and some other transactions under the provisions of TPBank.

Which methods of authentication are provided by TPBank?
  • OTP-SMS: OTP is sent to the registered phone number
  • Token-key: a security device which is used for only one login account. Customers press the button on the device to get OTP for each transaction. It can be used for 2-5 years depending on how regular customers use it. With this device, customers can easily use the services of TPBank eBank, even abroad.
  • Matrix Card: a card containing 45 OTP marked according to matrix coding method. A card is used for only one login account. When all the OTP is used, you need to buy another card associated with your login account and continued use. You can perform transactions on TPBank eBank from abroad with this authentication method
  • Soft Token: a software providing OTP code, it is installed on the mobile phone of the customer and used for only one login account. There’s no expired date for a soft token. It’s out of date when customers cancel e-banking services with TPBank. Soft token can be used abroad.
Support and Feedback
From which channels can I get supported by TPBank?

Please contact with TPBank through:

  • Our nearest branches/ front offices. Detail here
  • Make a phonecall or send email to TPBank’s customer service center o Tel: 04 37 683 683 or 1800 58 58 85 o Email: dichvu_khachhang@tpb.com.vn
How long does it take to deal with investigation requests and complaints about eBanking services?

It depends on what customers require. TPBank commit to support customers as soon as possible:

  • For internal transfers: within 24 hours after receiving a request.
  • For normal interbank transfer, Top-up, Bill Payment, Online shopping: it depends on how long the partners, the intermediary payment companies, State Bank of Vietnam, Beneficiary Bank. So, it takes less than 7 working days since we received customers’ requests.
  • For realtime transfer to other bank: it depends on the process of the third party, and it may take up to 15 working days.
How to investigate and complain about eBanking sevices?

Please bring your ID card/passport to our nearest branches/front offices or contact the customer service center for assistance. You can fill out a requesting support form before bringing it to TPBank.