Loan purpose: Consume, purchase furniture, houseware, tourism, entertainmant, wedding,...

Real estate as collateral: 500 million VND limit within 48 months
Car as collateral: 300 million VND limit within 36 months
Customer can freely use the fund within issued limit amount
Interest is calculated monthly and debit into account, customer can repay principal and interest directly into overdraft account within issued overdraft term
Collateral: Car owned by Customer/Customer’s spouse or real estate owned by Customer/Guarantee party who is customer’s parent, parent in law or child
Fees & Charges
For the full list of all our current fees and charges, please download our latest fees and charges leaflet
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about Secured Overdraft
How the interest is calculated if I use this product?

Monthly interest will be calculated based on  actual limit and actual day of loan usage( for example, if you are issued limit of 200 million VND but only use 50 million VND in 10 days than the interest is calculated only based on 50 million VND and 10 days, the interest will be debit into your overdraft account)

Which types of personal account overdraft do TPBank have?

TPBank has two types of personal account overdraft: secured overdraft(car, real estate, Passbook/Valuable paper/Certificate of gold kept) and non-secured overdraft

When can I repay the principal and interest?

You can repay into overdraft account at any time within overdraft term issued. However, at the end of limit issued term, you have to repay all debit balance in order to make overdraft account balance ≥ 0

How is the interest rate calculated?

The interest rate is calculated based on the actual days and amount of the loan. Interest is calculated daily and automatically by TPBank system, and is recorded on 25th of each month. In case you get the overdraft and repayment in the same day, no charge is applied.

I have been in restaurant business for 5 years with good result. I want to apply for an overdraft loan of 400 million VND, can you consult me about the documents required?

You will need to provide these documents:

1. Personal documents: National ID, Family register, Marriage Certificate,...

2. Collateral documents: Certificate of Land Usage Rights

3. Income documents: Certificate of business license, ledger or receipts of recent 3 months, contract with partners if possible

Which ATM posts can I withdraw money from?

You can withdraw your overdraft from all the ATMs of TPBank and other banks in the network system of TPBank

I want to apply for an overdraft loan of 500 million VND but I do not have any collateral, can I use my brother’s car as collateral instead?

No. TPBank does not accept third party’s car as guarantee collateral. How ever, TPBank accept third party’s real estate as collateral, including: parent’s, child’s, sibling’s

Term of personal account overdraft?

Non-secured overdraft: maximum term is 12 months.
Secured overdraft with car as collateral: maximum term is 36 months and real estate as collateral: maximum term is 48 months.
Secured overdraft with  Passbook/Valuable paper/Certificate of gold kept as collateral: maximum term is 12 months .

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