TPBank mPOS is card payment service on iOS/Android mobile devices with Internet connection(Wifi/3G/GPRS). TPBank card reading device will be integrated with your mobile device via Audio port.

Accept payment with all types of ATM card(of Smartlink, banknetvn, vnbc Alliance) and international Visa card
Pre-aranged bill payments
Connect to bill management system, clear debt directly
These are some of the commons questions we get asked about TPBank mPOS
What is TPBank mPOS card payment service?

TPBank mPOS is card payment service via mobile POS device. The service includes TPBank mPOS application installed directly on cashier/sale executive ‘s mobile device integrated with TPBank mPOS card reader device.

Similarities/Differences between TPBank mPOS service and POS service?

Similarities: TPBank mPOS has  the same accepting card payment feature as current POS

Differences: TPBank mPOS allows detail reporting of transactions made or connecting to bill/sales/warehouse management system of customer in order to optimize business performance management.

Who can apply for the service?

Vietnamese organizations which are established and operating under Vietnam’s laws, foreign organizations which are established and operating under the laws of the countries where the organizations are established.

Vietnamese and foreign households, individuals who are living and working legally in Vietnam.

How can I apply for TPBank mPOS service?

Customers who are Coporate/Home business:

•Copy of Certificate of business registraion(notarized)

•Copy of National ID or passport of legal representative

•Card payment acceptance contract of TPBank

Customer who are individual:

•Copy of National ID or passport

•Card payment acceptance contract of TPBank

Requirement for service usage?

You only need:

A current account at TPBank.

A mobile device(smartphone or tablet) with Internet connection and running Android or iOS.

An account and password to login to smart mPOS information management gateway provided by TPBank.

After registered, how can I start using the service?

Please refer to detail manual at the link below



What type of card can be used for payment via TPBank mPOS?

Currently, TPBank mPOS service accept payment of:

Local debit cards(ATM) of all banks in Smartlink, Banknetvn, VNBC system

International debit, credit Visa cards

Does TPBank mPOS card reader device need a charger?

TPBank mPOS card reader device use baterry which can be charged via USB port.

TPBank mPOS card reader device  can make about 200 transactions/ full charge.

Do I need to input full customer information when making transaction?

When making card payment for customer, Card acceptance unit only need to input amount of payment, mobile number and email of customer. However, in order to manage customer infomation conveniently, TPBank suggest Card acceptance unit to input full customer information when making transaction.

Can customer trust in security when making payment via TPBank mPOS?

TPBank mPOS device  meets international security standards like EMV L1. EMV L2,...

When getting card information via TPBank mPOS, card information will be encrypted by international security standard, only 6 first digits and 4 last digits are shown in order to ensure security for customer’s card.

TPBank mPOS application only sends and receives transaction information to/ from the bank but doesn’t save any card/customer/transaction information on mobile device.

With Local debit card(ATM), customer’s PIN is secured with PIN input virtual keyboard, automatically  keyboard layout changed after each transaction

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What do I need to apply for TPBank mPOS online?
You must be a Vietnamese national or resident
You must be 18 years or older
You must have a Vietnamese mobile number
You must have an email address
You must have a legal identification document